VACCA - Ten point - code of ethics
  • We will use only factual, accurate and truthful statements and terms in all advertising and selling efforts.

  • We will guarantee our workmanship for a period of one year and warranty our materials and equipment to the full extent of the guarantee or warantee of the manufacurer of the installed item.

  • We will furnish each customer an estimate and/or a contractual proposal for work to be performed whenever requested.

  • We will furnish a written certificate of completion and compliance upon full payment for any work when requested

  • We will not sell or install used material, equipment, apparatus, or devices without advising the customer that such is the fact.

  • We will comply with national, state and local air conditioning and safety codes and manufacturers recommendations, or exceed the conditions of minimum safety, good installation practices and adequacy for full mechanical usage.

  • We will not perform any act or action which would bring disrepute to the air conditioing industry or damage public faith and reliance on the integrity of responsible air conditioning contractors.

  • We will expose, wherever found, any scheme designed to deceive or defraud the air conditioning customer.

  • We will strive constantly to improve our business, technical methods, professional standards and service to the end that public will receive better safety, quality, adequacy and reliability in all air conditioning uses.

  • We will encourange and support the american system of free enterprise for increasing the value of air conditioning uses and improving the quality of life in our communities.

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